Focus For This Week

Social Studies

We're currently exploring immigration patterns of the early 20th century.

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We are examining the concept of volume.

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Language Arts

We're writing cookbooks!

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Student Leaders of the Week

John Doe - Math Tutor

John is helping his classmates in math.

Molly Doe - Community Outreach

Molly is keeping up to date on community issues on which the class can participate.

Jane Doe - Lab Leader

Jane is leading our science experiments.

Jackson Doe - Lead Wiki Writer

Jackson is the point person for updating our class wiki page.

Notes for Families

Parents, caregivers, and siblings, please note that…

Monthly Goals & Progress

In September, we will focus on…
In October, we’ll shift gears and…
In November, it’s time to…
In December, we will review…
Immigration Unit 75%
Math Volume 45%
Write Cookbooks 85%
Compose Solar System 50%

Fun Facts


Inventions by Thomas Edison


Avg Human Eye Blinks in a Year


Number of Years Summers Lasts on Uranus


Gummy Bears Eaten by Mr. Roh

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Feedback & Thoughts

  • I can't believe the journey some of these immigrants from southern Europe had to endure in the 1910s.

    Janey Jones

  • The lesson on multiplying fractions was easy!

    Jimmy James

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